Carole Blueweiss

Tania Del Rio – Mental Performance Coaching

Manage Stress, Cultivate Habits & Protect Your Well-being ARE YOU FEELING ANXIOUS ABOUT HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR MENTAL PERFORMANCE AT WORK WHILE CREATING ROUTINES THAT SUPPORT YOUR WELL-BEING? You’re not alone. The mental energy required for work, combined with daily challenges, especially when going through life transitions, can make you feel depleted and overwhelmed. You […]

Left Alone Rhapsody: The Musical Memoir of Pianist John Bayless

It is always miraculous watching the human spirit transcend great adversity.  In these trying times we desperately need to be exposed to inspiring true stories. Watching internationally renowned concert pianist John Bayless overcome the challenges of his debilitating stroke—which in minutes brought his 30-year career to a screeching halt—is truly inspiring.  John fought back where […]

The Smartroller®

The Smartroller and its family of products were created by Stacy Barrows, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, and PMA-National Pilates Certified Teacher.  Stacy has used foam rollers for exercise and with therapy and rehab patients for more than three decades. She was one of the first clinicians to teach health and fitness professionals […]