Carole Blueweiss

The Beauty of Embracing Aging

Check out this article by Charles Blow that expresses beautifully the stages of realizing that aging is quite wonderful…and not need to “rage as we age…” I love that. And if you’d like some ideas to make your aging more proactive, listen to my TEDX talk and reconsider how you put on your socks(or shoes) […]

Balance Matters

Step and Connect’s fall prevention solutions can improve client care in your practice. Expand and differentiate your programs by adding sensory feedback so clients can feel, move and balance better. Erica DeMarch, the founder of Step and Connect and the inventor of the product, Balance Matters, brings creativity and over 20 years of clinical expertise […]

The Smartroller®

The Smartroller and its family of products were created by Stacy Barrows, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, and PMA-National Pilates Certified Teacher.  Stacy has used foam rollers for exercise and with therapy and rehab patients for more than three decades. She was one of the first clinicians to teach health and fitness professionals […]