Carole Blueweiss

Is resistance a type of feeling?

Is resistance a type of feeling? I find myself reflecting on my journey, particularly in my current endeavor — creating my first short documentary. This project has laid bare my deepest fears and hesitations. It’s a daunting task, demanding not just technical skills but also an unbridled imagination and trust in the process.

A wise soul once said that awareness is the first step towards change. I have lots of awareness so I’m looking forward to the change in my creative energy and more courage to listen to my inner voices: saying stuff like: “Just do it” Carole. Just Imagine, just write, just create, and just trust. That’s what Stewart Schulman did when he created the documentary Left Alone Rhapsody featuring John Bayless, an extraordinary pianist, and composer who suffered a stroke that affected his right side. The film is a testament to the human spirit and the power of music. I urge everyone to watch it. Keep your eyes posted for screenings which you can find on the website:

Moreover, this documentary has spurred collaboration with the University of Pittsburg Brain Institute and launched the John Bayless Fund for Brain Research: A documentary that can spur advocacy for a worthwhile cause, is a remarkable accomplishment.

My interaction with Mr. Bayless and Mr. Schulman, who spoke at the screening, was transformative. It connected the two evolving aspects of my life: my 25 years as a physical therapist, my recent venture into storytelling through my podcast ‘Wisdom Shared’ and my jump into independent documentary filmmaking. Stay tuned for interviews with these two creatives coming up on Wisdom Shared Podcast.

That night was a vivid reminder of the power of music, the resilience of the human spirit, and the transformative power of storytelling. It’s about seeing beyond the physical limitations and embracing the mental and emotional journey that accompanies such life-altering experiences.

So here I am, on my journey, embracing resistance as a stepping stone, connecting with remarkable individuals, and sharing stories that matter. This is more than a professional pursuit; it’s a personal evolution — a journey of pushing boundaries, trusting the process, and sharing stories that resonate with the soul.