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Tough Love: A Blind Man Tells His Story (Replay)


This is a  replay of a previously released episode, for Blindness Awareness Month. In this episode, we meet Josh Burch, a 48-year-old man who was born with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. Josh talks about the challenges of growing up blind and shares how he navigates a world built for sighted people with the help of technology and his guide dog, Lou. We also hear more from Josh’s stepmother, Julie Burch, and learn how they inspired and learned from each other, and how their relationship has changed over time. 

Some learning gems from this episode: Don’t pet a guide dog, (he or she needs to focus on guiding). Once out of harness, you can pet the dog; iPhones have an option called “VoiceOver”  which anyone can use; If you meet a blind person, don’t assume they need help, ask first; Do not spoon-feed or coddle people who are blind, they are like sighted people and just need more assistance; Support groups are great like Lighthouses for the Blind; Encourage independence and build confidence; Good manners, awareness of posture and exercise matters; Tough love sometimes requires patience but it beats sympathy.

For the visually-minded who prefer to listen and read or for those who need closed captioning, watch the transcript video here:





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