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One More Day: A Father’s Gratitude

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In this poignant episode, Jacob Moench shares the challenges and joys of parenting his son Samuel, who has epilepsy and autism. The episode explores how Jacob and his wife support each other and prioritize time for their other children. Jacob also talks about his company, which offers genetic testing for preventative illness, and we discuss the ethical considerations surrounding the use of DNA analysis for family planning. Despite the challenges, Jacob reflects on the profound impact Samuel has had on their lives, considering him an enormous blessing. This episode offers  a powerful exploration of the unique challenges and love that characterize Jacob’s journey as a parent of a child with special needs.

About Jacob Moench

Jacob Moench is an entrepreneur in the medical industry devoted to preventative genetic testing.  He is a devoted husband to his wife of 12 years.  He and his wife have four beautiful children, including their oldest, Samuel, who has Autism and Epilepsy. Jacob enjoys playing with his children, basketball, hiking, piano, cooking, and creative writing.

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