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Man Up: Parenting a Child Born with a Rare Genetic Syndrome


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22:30 “When you’re hurt, you hurt others”

30:59 “If empathy was the first point of reference for people, that would go a long way”

39:07 – “A handful of special needs parents can fall into the category of where the normal children become caregivers whether they want it or not.”

44:00: “What does it cost me? It’s only cost me money. What have I gained? A loving wholesome family, with a value that we will carry forever. My family is my legacy.”

50:00 “There’s not an instruction book for how to be an effective special needs mother and father or husband and wife.”

51: “Kindness doesn’t mean weakness. Kindness means strength.”


Damas and Dina Manderson intend to start a foundation for their daughter, Kennedy Rose. These episode notes will be updated to include foundation information when it is available. (1/9/2021) 


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