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Kathryn Paylor-Bent: Disability Meets Fashion


Kathryn Paylor-Bent has a lot of wisdom to share and we cover a lot of ground in this conversation. We talk about her experiences as a disabled woman, wheelchair user, and the CEO of two successful businesses. She uses her disability as inspiration for her successful career as an adaptive fashion designer and as a consultant to other organizations.

She shares her experiences with ableism, including medical and digital ableism like shadow banning on social media and examples from her personal life. In light of some of these negative experiences, she also shares solutions as an advocate and suggests how we can better understand the disability community.  Another important part of Kathryn’s story is being a mother to Tom, her son with autism and mental health challenges.  She shares her vision for Tom’s future as well as the future of other young people with disabilities through her business Seated Sewing.  

For the visually-minded who prefer to listen and read, watch the transcript video here:



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