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Carole’s Wisdom Shared: Movement and Aging


In this 14th episode of Wisdom Shared, Dr. Carole Blueweiss shares her own wisdom in an interview by Kathy Cocks for her podcast, Knowledge for Caregivers. In the episode, Carole brings her expertise as a Doctor of Physical Therapy to offer thoughts on movement, exercise, and wellness for older patients discharged from the hospital  who are being cared for by family or home health aides. Carole also shares about life with her mother who has experienced challenges as she ages. As her daughter, Carole says that she has witnessed many changes, “and yet she inspires me every day.” Dr. Blueweiss reframes growing older as a blessing, despite the unpredictable challenges that often arise. And she believes that there is more we can control as we age than we are led to believe. In this episode, learn why we owe it to ourselves to become more aware of the changing bodies every day and we learn from Kathy, in her amazing podcast, Knowledge for Caregivers, how encouragement and support can go a long way to helping our loved ones as they age with compassion and dignity.

Kathy Cocks, Podcaster and Interviewer
Kathy has been a registered nurse for over 30 years, working in intensive care, with disabled school children, dialysis, and now in the community with the geriatric population. She works with families and their loved ones to find the right solutions for their situation and maintains an active network of partners to help navigate the eldercare journey.

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