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A Taxi With Dyslexia?

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In this episode, Lynn Greenberg and her son Jonathan, co-authors of Robby the Dyslexic Taxi and the Airport Adventure, share insights into Jon’s journey with dyslexia. Emphasizing the transformative impact of education post-diagnosis, they discuss the power of creativity and the hidden gifts of neurodiversity. Jon, who views dyslexia as a superpower, aims, along with his mother, to inspire and empower neurodiverse children through their storytelling. This episode is a valuable resource for parents and teachers, offering insights and guidance for a more inclusive and understanding approach.

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About Lynn and Jonathan

Lynn Greenberg is the happiest wife, mom, and grandma. A very retired attorney who loves to cook, exercise, and read, she has seen how positivity with feelings and differences can allow children to grow into happy, productive adults. During COVID-19, when many families were living together with an abundance of unscheduled free time, Lynn and her son Jonathan, who has dyslexia, began to work on the concepts and ideas for Robby. As ideas developed, they became increasingly invested in the character, his story, and the impact this endeavor could have on others. 

Born with dyslexia, Jonathan Greenberg could not read and write like many other children his age. So, instead of giving in to frustration, Jonathan used his struggle as a catalyst for creativity, expressing his ideas through art. Having overcome his learning difficulty, Jonathan has fallen in love with reading. Robby the Dyslexic Taxi And The Airport Adventure exemplify Jonathan’s passion for writing and illustration. Together with Lynn, his mother, and his writing partner, they are already thinking of other stories featuring neurodiverse characters that complement this book. 

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