Carole Blueweiss

A Short Film Tells a Tall Story

I went to watch a short documentary at the JCC in New York’s Upper West side last week. The movie was called Below Surface. This short film showed it’s viewers the importance of social and active engagement, not only for older people, but for all people who grow older, which if all goes well we all will […]

I Didn’t Give Up

What does ”giving up” mean? : I found this explanation: “Stopping efforts due to a belief that success is unlikely or the challenge is too difficult.” Chat GPT Yesterday I gave a TEDx talk in front of about 500 people about the importance of challenging balance in everyday activities. I wrote an important and well-organized […]

Is resistance a type of feeling?

Is resistance a type of feeling? I find myself reflecting on my journey, particularly in my current endeavor — creating my first short documentary. This project has laid bare my deepest fears and hesitations. It’s a daunting task, demanding not just technical skills but also an unbridled imagination and trust in the process. A wise […]

The Day I Did The Opposite Of Everything I Know To Be Healthy

I decided to break all the rules today. You know, the stuff they say about wellness, self-care, and productivity. I threw it all out the window. I’m talking about not listening to my own advice. I ignored my inner nutritionist, my inner fitness expert, and my inner mama bear who was saying “Go ahead honey, […]

Daring To Jump

When I see a young child with inflatable rings around their upper arms, giggling with excitement as they prepare to jump into a swimming pool with their caretaker ready to catch them with open arms, I am reminded of the thrill I feel when I finally launch. In my case, I’m not physically propelling anywhere, […]

Retired FBI Agent speaks out about yesterday’s and today’s drugs

How to protect your kids and your family? Who’s to blame? These answers can be found in the latest podcast episode of Wisdom Shared. If you read my article in Medium about the making of this podcast episode, then you know a little about this episode. On Sunday, the episode was published in all podcast forums. I encourage all […]

A Full-Circle Glimpse Into the Making of a Podcast About the Opioid Epidemic

I love podcasting because I meet people on the frontlines and learn firsthand what they experience. The following two episodes of Wisdom Shared will focus on the perspective of Aaron Weeter, a retired FBI agent who spent 25 years specializing in drug-related crimes. There was so much to unpack that I interviewed him twice. The first episode, Unmasking […]

Starting At “The Beginning”

I am ready to begin articulating why I want to make a film and why this story needs to be told. Seven years ago in 2016, my son and I began creating a montage to commemorate my mother’s 80th birthday. Not only did I want to understand her story, but I also wanted my twelve-year-old […]